Novel Project

30/12/2009 06:19

There is a dream that have followed me since last years. The dream is to write a novel, send it to publisher, and get announcement that my novel will be published. I do really-really try to make it come true. I have made deadline for it. Before my 20th birthday of mine. My birthday is August 3. So, I only have 7 month left, but I still have no novel to be published (complete and finish novel).


I inspired by a book titled "HEART BLOCK", wrote by Okke Sepatumerah, a novel telling about writer stuffs, problems, sadnesses, hope, etc. Senja, main character of the novel, is a new writer but she has so much problem in her life. Since she has a sister who manage her time to do anything, she couldn't be able to write a good novel such as she have writen before. While she must write a novel in 40 days. It named 40 Days Project.I copy this project but not for 40 days. I need 2 months.


I will try to write in deadline, but more specific. I will write in 2 months, 60 days. It begin on January 1st and finish on March 1st


I need you to read my work, comment it, critic it, try to tell me what reader want. Even I only a new writer. So, please enjoy my stories.